About Me

I am a lover of art and life. My many passions include making music, painting, hiking, playing basketball, writing, reading, and pondering our infinite existence with my friends. I love and appreciate any truly artistic music, but my musical taste is comprised mostly of hip-hop, cinematic, and any other music that is chill, trippy, or just has good vibes. These are the attributes I incorporate in my own music, whether it be a beat, an instrumental, or a composition; which gives my music a truly unique and artistic sound.

Growing up my focus was directed mostly towards playing basketball. However in my spare time I spent many hours expanding my imagination in any way I knew possible. In early middle school I learned to play the drums and my love for music was kickstarted. Sense then, I seem to have made it an unconscious goal to drum on any surface imaginable (which may have gotten me in trouble with my teachers on a few occasions). In high school, I taught myself the piano, and with that I had become very well rounded in the world of music.

I lived in Florida my whole life until moving to Illinois to play basketball on a scholarship at Lindenwood University in Belleville; the school at which I still attend. I went into college hoping to be a baller and a game designer. In my second year of school however, my energy pulled me right back into music where I discovered the world of producing. I decided to buy a 100 dollar midi keyboard which I have sense credited as the greatest purchase I have ever made.