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Any use of beats/songs by Tigerelli must include the producer's name and require that full credit be given to Tigerelli on any and all uses or releases. Under no circumstances may you resell any beats/songs by Tigerelli. If any party uses any beats produced, composed and written by Tigerelli without purchase or permission, legal action will be brought against all parties involved.

When you buy non-exclusive, you will be able to download the tagged MP3 file of the song. Non-exclusive gives you rights to use the mixed beat as is, or record vocals over it, but not to change the beat in any way. You may not use the beat for commercial sales. You may not use the beat for any TV, film, movie, or game projects. In the event that exclusive rights are purchased, you may keep the beat for non-commercial use, however, you will no longer be able to upgrade to exclusive rights as exclusive rights will only be sold one time. A beat can however be sold to more than one person at a time non-exclusively. Upon purchasing non-exclusive, Tigerelli still owns the beat(s) and has the right to resell the beat(s) to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased.

When you buy exclusive, you will be able to download the tagged MP3 file of the beat immediately. You will also receive the raw WAV file, and the full track out of the beat upon request. Exclusive gives you full rights to mix, record, and master the beat, but not to change or remove any components of the beat. You may use the beat for unlimited commercial recordings and broadcasts. There is no sales cap on exclusive beats. You may not however use the beat for any TV, film, movie, or game projects without special permission and possible further rights agreements from Tigerelli. Once a beat is bought exclusively, it will immediately be taken down and no longer be sold. However, prior non-exclusive rights holders, will still retain the non-exclusive rights to the beat. Tigerelli still owns the original beat(s) but does not have the right to resell the beat after the beat has been purchased exclusively. With Exclusive rights you must still give full credit to Tigerelli for the beat.